Cessna 150-152 Club Fuel Belly Drains

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Cessna 150-152 Club Belly Fuel drains add one additional fuel sample drain to the lowest point in the fuel system. Cessna 140A's, 150's and 152's have a T fitting in the fuel line just forward of the fuel shutoff valve. Water in the fuel system will settle in this T fitting because water is heavier than fuel. If not removed, even a very small quantity of water can freeze in freezing temperatures, resulting in a total blockage of the fuel system, and fuel starvation. Without a belly fuel drain, water can only be removed by being drawn into the gascolator, or by unscrewing the cap or plug on the T fitting, which is normally only done during annual inspection. (Though often overlooked during annual as well.)

Having a fuel sample valve installed in this location  allows water, dirt and other contamination in the fuel system to be easily flushed out prior to flight. The procedure for removing contamination from the belly drain is exactly the same as is used to sample fuel from the wing tanks. A sample cup is used to depress the spring loaded valve which is located on the belly of the airplane, approximately adjacent to the cabin door hinges.

Cessna 150-152 club belly drains were first STC'd in 1981, and they have proved to be one of the least expensive and effective ways to decrease fuel contamination and increase safety. Installation takes less than 15 minutes. There are two models of fuel drains:

MT101 for 1966 C150F's through 1985 C152's, including all Aerobats and all Cessna 150's and 152's built in France, including Aerobats. This is the model on the left in the photo above. These models of Cessna 150-152's have a male nipple on the bottom of the T fitting which is normally sealed with a removable threaded cap.

MT101-1 for 1949-1951 Cessna 140A's and 1959 Cessna 150's through 1965 Cessna 150E's. This is the model on the right in the photo above. These models of Cessna 140's and 150's have a female orifice in the bottom of the T fitting which is normally sealed with a removable threaded plug.

Both Kits include a CAV-110 fuel sample valve, an anodized machined aluminum thread adapter, an aluminum crush washer, STC, installation and continued airworthiness documentation, and placards for both light and dark colored instrument panels.

Either kit costs  $47.50 and can be ordered online in the Cessna 150-152 club store.

Check your Serial Number for compatible model, or review the Installation and STC documents.

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